Edinburgh RSE Meeting at the Edinburgh College of Art

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November 2018 @ECA

Edinburgh College of Art hosted the second meeting of the Edinburgh RSE Community.


Our primary goal is to invite anyone in the Edinburgh area, active or interested in the area of research software, to bootstrap and participate in a local community of practice. Coffee and cake will be provided, with ample time for comunity-building discussion.


Intro Talks

Lightning Talks

Venue, Date, Time

West Court, ECA Main Building 1-3pm, Wed 21st November 2018


13:00 Welcome
13:05 Introductory talks
13:15 Presentation: RSE In the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
13:35 Ice breaking session / Discussion
14:00 Lightning talks
14:25 Summary
14:35 - 14:55 Coffee

Code of Conduct

We expect all attendees at this meeting to abide by the Carpentries Code of Conduct. In summary, we encourage the following behaviour:

Please see the link above for the full Code.

If someone violates the Code of Conduct during the event we ask that you report it to one of the organisers (Geoff Lee, Sean McGeever, Giacomo Peru). All reports will be reviewed by the organisers and kept confidential.